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Medical Assistant Specialities

Offering a different career path on Medical & Aesthetic fields

Medical Assistant Certified Laser Professional

The Certified Medical Assistant Laser Professional is a Medical Assistant AS, who carrier an active electrolysis license and has been trained to perform non-ablative laser treatments under the supervision of a physician. To be a certified laser hair removal professional, you must be certified in laser hair removal and pass the exam with SCMHR. We can assist you in preparing for this national certification.
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Medical Assistant Aesthetician

The Medical Assistant Aesthetician has an important roll in the Medical Spa, aesthetic and dermatological clinics due to the skills and knowledge they possess. Applicants for this workshop advance aesthetic require an activa license of Facial Specialist and be Certified as Medical Assistant to apply for Certification with a National recognized organization
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Medical Assistant Dermatology

Dermatology clinics require a staff specialized in skin due to the work organization and the characteristics of the treatments and services they perform. We are offering a Examination preparation course to prepare you for the National Certification examination as Medical Assistant Dermatology. A degree is required as a medical assistant from a licensed school.
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Clinical Research Coordinator

The Medical Assistant specialized in clinical research can be part of the clinical site's staff because they have the knowledges in the medical field and manage some health technologies in addition to how to administer medications in medical care. This examination preparation course helps the participant to be prepared for the exam by SOCRA or ACRP
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Certified Medical Assistant CCMA

A growing number of medical institutions are requesting presentation of a national certification in addition to the credentials and degrees obtained in a School licensed by Education. The National Health Care Association (NHA) allows you to apply for a National Exam Certification as a Certified Medical Assistant, we can help you prepare to pass this exam. Be Graduate as a Medical Assistant is required
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Phlebotomy Course National Certification

Phlebotomy classes at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School are part of the Medical Assistant Program. Upon completion of the course requirements, the participant can pursue National certification through an exam with the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).
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The electrocardiography technician can work either in a medical office, in a hospital or diagnostic centers. The EKG is a basic examination in the evaluation of a patient that graphically records the electrical activity of the heart and is performed with electronic medical equipment that collects electrical information through electrodes that are placed in specific places on the body.
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Medical Assistant Billing & Coding

Medical Assistant

Billing & Coding
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