Become an artistry and eyebrow specialist at the training certification program at Florida Medical College. You will realize multiple procedures to create a perfect brow for your clients. The eyebrow training certification will give you the opportunity to learn the use of different methods of hair removal that include waxing, threading, tweezer and Electrolysis as the only permanent hair removal methods to shape the eyebrow. 

This eyebrow certification course is offered on Monday two day sessions’ class and include the techniques for correcting shape  appying waxing, threading or tweezer according to the face structure of each client, and the use of appropiate colors, tinting application and shaping technology. The use of Electrolysis device requires license in the most State of USA. Participants from other countries we recommended to check the regulations about of the use of electrolysis device.

Micropigmentation and microblading are course offering separate but are complement for eyebrow specialist.