Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School offers several continuing education and specialization courses for medical assistants, massage therapist, estheticians and for physicians and nursing in the aesthetic field among other technicians.

Medical Assistant Specialties

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School is offering a variety courses for those Medical Assistants which want to increase their knowledge and skill and desire to specialized in a specific area of the medical care or the aesthetic practice or get the Associate Degree Diploma

Aesthetic Courses

Aesthetic treatments are demanded by diverse group of age population, each one with different characteristics and needed. Profesional in this field need keeping up with the most innovative technology and procedures. These courses has been prepared by type of professional and according with their regulation scope. Courses are also offering for those licensed profesional who want to initiate in this field and include course for:

Massage Therapist Specialties

Although all massage therapist are prepared to practices all type of modalities in medical care and aesthetic practices, there are certain techniques that a professional of massage specialized needs to acquire in order to get the results and benefits in concordance with the client’s expectation. Aesthetic massage help the client to tone up, nourish the skin, lymphatic drainage and detox. This certification courses include:

Laser Training Courses

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School is an approved provider by the Electrolysis Council of the Board of Medicine in Florida. At the Laser training Centers we are offering modalities of cosmetic laser non ablative that includes:

Traditional Medicine

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School offers different courses of Traditional and Integrative Medicine related with the Aesthetic practice and specific areas suitable to perform for licensed professionals included in the scope of their specialty in order to be in compliance with the regulations and law about the Traditional Medicine.

Leadership and Management

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School is offering in its Youth Leadership Program, an original composition in communication and leadership. The Youth Leadership Program entails a series of sessions designed to help college-bound students, of our community, assess themselves and encourage them to develop the leadership objective through participation, contribution and influence in team projects.

Board Preparation Courses

The ranking passage rate in Florida was the lowest among the 50 states and District of Columbia, on July 2018 with 73.99%. Our exam preparation course for the board review is for those students who require a personalized course to understand the exam strategies and the content to be successful in achieving licensure status.

We have also developed a special program for Register Nurse who want to apply for certification as Dermatology Nurse Certified (DNC) and for Nurse practitioners (ARNP) who wants to apply for credential as Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner (DCNP) or for those that are pending to take the Board Exam.

Clinical Research Coordinator

This is the first step to begin in the research field and prepare participants to perform essential tasks of the CRC with the basic elements required to work in a Clinical Site. The Association of Clinical Research Professionals certifies the CRC according to the educational level and experience gained in this field, that is verified through the number of working hours which is a requirement to be eligible for Certification exam and achieve the qualification as Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC).

The minimum hours required Performing Essential Duties are:

Continuing Education Credit

[text tag=”p”]In the State of Florida is a requirement certain numbers of credit hours to renew the professional license every two years with purpose to provide a permanent record of educational accomplishment of the healthcare and aesthetic professional. Electrologists require to have 2.0 CEUs every 2 years, that means 20 hours of Continuing Education. Florida Medical College through CE Broker offers a Laser Hair Removal Certification course that includes 20 hours, but participants must take another three hours, in approved provider, two of them on medical error, and one hour on blood-borne diseases.

Continuing Education Requirements for Electrologists in Florida