Skin Care Program

The Skin Care program provides training in aesthetics and skin care teaching students the biological foundations of the skin and to maintain the health of the skin by correct cleansing methods, massage, and the use of machines for deep cleansing. Theory classes include a study of the structure of the skin, its functions, to recognize lesions and diseases of the skin. Techniques will be learned for the treatment of problem skin conditions such as oiliness, dryness, comodomes, acne, discoloration, and scarring. The student will also become skilled at several cosmetic treatments such as make-up application, color analysis, ear piercing, lash & brow tinting, etc. The program also includes training in body waxing, and proper eyebrow tinting, etc. Students will also be taught to adhere to the highest standards of sanitation and cleanliness in maintaining equipment and the environment of the salon. At the completion of this program, graduates will qualify to apply for State Registration and employment in the beauty field as an Skin Care Specialist. A diploma will be awarded upon graduation from the program.

Program Description

Skin Care Specialist Program (SCA)

This is a resident training program consisting of 192.5 hours of theory (academic study) and practical lectures (lab hours) along with 67.5 hours of hands-on instruction and practice of applied skin care treatments. Students will be awarded a diploma upon program completion of 260 hours.  

HIV 101Blood Borne Pathogens Training:

HIV/AIDS (4 Hours) This course teaches the students the origin, transmission, and prevention of HIV/AIDS. As required by Florida Statute (3 hours).

SCA 000Florida State Law & Regulations:(5 hours)

The study of all laws pertaining to Skin Care set by the Department of Professional Regulations.

SCA 105Skin Theory (50 Hours):

This course includes the study of the structure and composition of the tissue as well as the study of function of the skin. Students will be instructed in the analysis and classification of skin, the different skin types and knowledge related with the skin care treatment. Before performing services or selecting products, the client’s skin type and conditions must be analyzed, and appropriate treatment determined.

SCA 110Basic Dermatology and Skin Disorder (15 Hours):

Students will learn and understand the composition of the skin, recognition of diseases, disorders of the skin and recognition of skin types.

SCA 115Anatomy and Massage Manipulations (10 Hours):

This course teaches the bones, muscles, and nerves of both the face and neck. Means of manipulations of the face to maintain muscle tone and increase circulation. The students will also learn how to use the correct products for the skin.

SCA 120 Consultations (5 Hours):

Students will learn how to handle a consultation in person or by telephone.

SCA 125Physiologies and Endocrinology (5 Hours):

Students will learn histology of the skin and hair. The composition, structure and function of the skin that will also be learned to help students know what effects the service performed will have on the client’s skin. Endocrinology will include the study of the endocrine glands and their function.

SCA 130Bacteriology, Sterilization, and Hygiene (10 Hours):

Application of sterilization and sanitation methods, classification of pathogenic bacteria and know how pathogenic bacteria cause diseases.

SCA 135 Chemistry and Proper Use of Products (8 Hours):

Students will learn the composition of cosmetics. Effect of chemistry of cosmetics on the skin, safety of cosmetic and skin preparation

SCA 140 Hair Removal (body waxing & brow shaping) (2.5 Hours):

Students will learn three methods of hair removal that include tweezing, waxing and chemical depilatories. Safety of waxing and chemical depilatories will also be learned.

SCA 145 Make-up Application and Cosmetic Treatments (2 Hours):

The students will learn correct application of makeup, how to use the color wheel, daywear make-up, evening make-up and procedures of make-up.

SCA 150 Electricity, Lighting and Magnification (8 Hours):

Students will learn polarity and current flow, measurements of electricity and safety precautions.

SCA 155 Professional Ethics and Salon Management (2 Hours):

Students will learn professional ethics, integrity and attitudes. Setting up a Salon or starting a business, State regulation, obtaining proper licenses, advertising , record keeping, insurance and compensation package and payroll deduction.

SCA 165 Applied Practical Hours/Lab (67.5 Hours):

Students will practice practical application of all subjects taught on fellow students and clients.  Facials, manual and mechanical, including masks, packs or treatments which must be performed on a variety of skin types including normal, oily, dry, combination, problem, and mature. (40 Hours)

 Set up, use and maintenance of electrical devices. (1.25 Hours)

 Hair removal, including tweezing, waxing, threading, and sugaring. (5 Hours)

 Makeup application for both daytime and nighttime looks. (5 Hours)

 Lash and brow tinting. (5 Hours)

 Eyelash application, including strip lashes, individual lashes, and semi-permanent lashes. (10 Hours)

 Manual Extractions. (1.25 Hours).