Microblading Courses


Professional Microblading of Eyebrows


In Micro-blading there is an illusion of thicker and fuller brows is created. By getting it done you are able to carry almost every look without even going through the hassle of shaping your brows with a brow pomade or liner. You can carry natural to bold looks. This has to be done by an expert who is a certified micro-blading artist. 

The expert will consult you about the shape of eye brows that you think best for your face and will choose the color according to your skin and natural hair color. The qualified artist will use handheld tool that is used to draw hair strokes, instead of using a tattoo machine. In the end, an ointment will be applied on your skin to help it heal.

All the students that have enrolled are required to arrange a live model to bring with them, the person can be anyone; a client, friend, relative or anyone that is older than the age of 18 and comes with his own consent.  The person will be participating in the training of a hands-on application in the time of the three day course under the supervision of the instructor. The students can also avail a chance to buy the Nanotechnology device that is used for shading. Contact us and we will inform you regarding the price of the device.

What will student learn in a 3 day course Microblading Training Class?


During the microblading training course which is of three days, the students will be learning about different shading techniques which are essential to construct a natural looking eyebrow with the perfect powder effect, and the techniques to customize a pattern resembling the already existing growth pattern of natural hair of the customer which will result in a most natural looking eyebrows.

  • An overview or introduction to the technique and semi-permanent makeup
  • How to choose the right pigments.
  • Ho to deal with the healing process and after care.
  • Blood borne pathogens.
  • You will get to learn the following in the course certificate:
  • You will be able to understand the skin tones, you will be learning how to deal the clients according to their age, undertones and texture of the skin.
  • You will be taught the proper usage of the tools and an overview of products that are used in the technique will be given
  • Proper practice with precautionary and safety measures, sanitation and sterilization will be taught.
  • Micro blading technique will be taught by keeping in mind the various shapes and designs of brows.
  • An overview upon preparing you own workstation.
  • Theory of colors.
  • Dealing with shaping method and creating the perfect symmetry.

Microblading Courses


You might have heard about micro blading on different social media platforms, from a normal woman to a celebrity everyone is fond of this technique. If you only heard the name, and have no idea about what micro-balding is then keep on reading. Basically, Micro-blading is a technique to make your eyebrows look fuller and beautiful, with the help of semi-permanent tattoo technique

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