This Course is a complete degree program ideal for those who feel a real passion for helping others in the field of medical services or aesthetic practice.

Medical Assistant curriculum include: Office skills, EKG technology, Phlebotomy instruction and practice, Theory and clinical lab of basic X-ray, Medical terminology and a complete program in Anatomy, Pharmacology and Clinical Skills to prepare our alumni’s in the medical office to do procedures and work directly with real patient’s and people in need.

In order to complement the Medical assistant curriculum students will receive lectures in classroom, and will participate in lab activities. Moreover and the most exciting part of the course is the clinical externship where students have the opportunity to explore those area where their talents can be developed. In addition they can expand and practice the theory studied.

The certification courses in dermatology, aesthetics and clinical research are an option for all medical assistant students and can be added to the main curriculum of Medical Assistant AS. Furthermore Florida Medical College has a special program for those Medical Assistant students who want to become a Laser Professional and works in the aesthetic field. Our medical assistant students can now graduate as an electrologist and complete all requirements to be a laser hair removal professional to be able to perform laser with direct supervision of a licensed medical doctor in Florida.

If you are interested in any of the additional certification courses for medical assistants and would like more information to add them to the Medical Assistant program, we suggest you explore the most appropriate additional link

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