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Medical Assistant, Pharmacy and Massage                            

                 Are you interested in obtaining an Associate Degree in Sciences?

Florida Medical College is opening it’s doors to a new beginning and enhancing your professional health care title with the Associate Degree Programs in Medical Assistant, Massage Therapy and Pharmacy Management.

At Florida Medical College (FMC) our goal is to educate our students to become a knowledgeable professional and be ready to work in the healthcare system or in the Aesthetic health services environment. Our graduates from Medical Assistant and Massage Therapy may work in Medical Spas, Dermatology offices, Medical offices and other centers of the health care system and aesthetic practice.

Students that graduate from the Pharmacy Management Program may develop an exciting career in the pharmaceutical industry or as a Clinical Research Coordinator in any Clinical Site.

Students that graduate College offers special programs for participants who desire to specialized in career field related with the Aesthetic Field like Medical Assistant Dermatology, Medical Assistant Aesthetician, Aesthetic Massage, or other like Traditional Medicine, Naturopatic practice, or Integrative Medicine.

FMC offers a special program for Medical Assistant students, who also want to become a Laser Professional. FMC will

assist you to initiate a new future in medical care and aesthetic practice, and you will be able to work in the health care system and/or aesthetic field. Medical Assistant graduates from Florida Medical College also receive training and education in clinical research. The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) course, incoporated in the Medical Assisting program teaches the student the necessary knowledge in clinical research in order to assist qualified professionals to carry out research.

The Pharmacy Management Associate Degree Program at Florida Medical College prepares the student to work as in the pharmacy field.  Key topics include pharmacy research, medication use, organizational planning and medication-use.

The Massage Therapy Associate Degree is for those who seek to develop the art of using their hands to help people

in need and initiate the healing process in clients with pain management or stress.  At Florida Medical College (FMC) we know that massage is a healing art as well as a science and our instructors know that massage education and training requires a balance of academics and technical knowledge, clinical skill, manual dexterity, sensitivity, awareness, and a  desire to help others. Graduates of the massage therapist associate degree can work in the health care system, spa or fitness industry or can start your own business. Graduates must pass the Florida Massage Therapist Examination offered through the Florida Board of Massage Therapy in order to practice in the State of Florida.