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Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School is a Medical and Aesthetic College dedicated to prepare an integrated professional who can serve people in multiple areas.

The Medical Assistant Aesthetician certification is a preparation examination course that prepare participants to  apply for a National Certification for those graduate as Medical Assistant Associate Degree and Skin Care Program.

In this course is included the lates technologies in skin care and advances esthetic  to prepare participants to work in the aesthetic field.  

Medical Assistant


A Medical Assistant Aesthetician is a Medical Assistant who specializes in skin care treatment and can provide a variety of services and procedures, to help clients to improve the appearance and take care of the skin. Medical Assistant Aesthetician work in the rehabilitation process of those patients with damaged and specifics the skin disorders which are affecting the appearance of the client.
In this program the educational requirements have been contemplated to obtain knowledge and skills to help Aesthetic Physicians, Surgeons and Nurse Practitioners by a Medical Assistant with knowledge and skills in the Aesthetic practice. Graduate as Medical Assistant AS with active license as Facial Specialist will receive an advance skin care training that includes the latest technology and knowledge of facial treatments with the latest treatment protocols. If you want to become a specialized Medical Assistant in the Aesthetic field and you need to obtain any of license needed by Florida Law to work in the Aesthetic practice, you can apply for any of both courses Medical Assistan or Skin Care Specialist offeres in this school. This certification course is an examination preparation course to prepare participants to apply for national certification and includes an advance intensive skin care course offering in 90 hours with lectures and practices activities labs. Lectures include a concentrate knowledge about the Skin, the aging process, the therapeutic advance in the skin care treatment, and the use of appropriate devices and others

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Medical Assistant

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To become a Medical Assistant Aesthetician practitioner should carrier an active license of Facial Specialist in Florida and an Associate Degree in Medical Assistant.

Participants in this course will receive an examination preparation course of 90 hours of an intensive training course of advance aesthetic and learning the latest techniques in skin care. 

Medical Assistant AS

Computer Science

The Medical Assistant Program graduates student as Medical Assistant Associate in Science (AS). The program requires 91 credit hours and students can apply for National Certification at the end of the course.

Medical assistants who only have a certificate but do not have an associate degree can apply for the medical assistant’s AS degree with their credentials and supplement the credits required for the Science Associate. Official documents are required.

Skin Care program

AI Expert

This is a Diploma/Certificate Program approved by the Commission for Independent Education of Florida. After 260 hours, the participants can obtain the School Diploma and may register their license as a Facial Specialist in the State of Florida.

Applicants who need the esthetician’s license to apply for the medical assistant esthetician course can enroll in this program to meet the requirements.



You may enroll in the Medical Assistant Aesthetician course at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School if you have a High School Diploma or you are a Foreigner and a Medical Graduate without license in Florida or any State.  

If you already have the certification and license as a Facial Specialist, and you want to become a Medical Assistant Aesthetician you need to enroll in the Medical Assistant Program and as well as the Intensive skin care course of 90 hours. In the case that you are a Medical Assistant graduate and want to become a Medical Assistant Aesthetician you are required to obtain the Diploma and license of a Facial Specialist and pass satisfactory the advanced intensive skin care course. 

If you already have both certification Medical Assistant and Facial Specialist you only need to take the Advance Aesthetic Course. In less than one-year students can become a Medical Assistant Aesthetician with an Associate Degree and apply for a National Certification in Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, Electrocardiograph and a Diploma certificate in Skin Care to apply as esthetician for the Facial Specialist license in the State of Florida.


Due to the restriction on the coranovirus pandemic, this course offers the use of distance learning platforms such as online classrooms. Classes on our campus will be held in Miami, Florida, as soon as the epidemic allows. Here you’ll be able to use the most up-to-date facilities and computer equipment.

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