Laserpuncture Training Certification

Course in Miami

This training course is designed to teach participants in the application of low level laser over determined acupoints and on tight tender spots in a contracted muscle to produce or stimulates a response similar to acupuncture

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Laserpucture Training

The fundamentals of laser therapy and the process of photobiostimultation in the tissue, cell responses and the effect of the laser light over acupoints.

What is laserpucture

The course is designed to give the students a thorough entry-level preparation to work in the field of low level laser therapy. The modern low laser therapy devices and the experience through clinical applications whit the use of the photo bioestimulation (the other name with the low level laser therapy is called) permit us to apply treatment with cold laser to differeeints disease and disorders  to aliviate the pain using this techniques.. 

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates may apply for the state licensing exam and the national certification testing. A diploma will be awarded upon graduation from the program.


Become an Laser Technician

The State of Florida requires Electrologist to be licensed to work as a Laser Hair Removal Technician. Electrology combine with Laser Hair Removal Courses you will learn about electromagnetic spectrum and the property of light, details characteristic of laser light, laser concept, laser physic and laser action. 

Laser and light- based devices terminology. Laser interaction, chromophores absorption and selective photothermolysis. Moreover this course inlcudes types of hazards, laser safety standards, and hazard classification, laser class,and general recommendation in laser hair removal.


Laser Puncture Course Requirements

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