Laser Certification Treatment of Nail Fungus

This is a two days course and include a revision of anatomy of the skin and nails, the epidemiologic approach of Nail Fungus, clinical diagnosis, and the use of laser where participants will learn the main aspects of laser physics, laser tissue interaction, and different laser treatments protocols. In this course participants may acquire the knowledge and skill to perform laser nail fungus therapy, and it is suitable for Podiatrists, MD, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, and for Medical Assistant Dermatology with previous laser Certification and working under direct supervision of a Dermatology Board Certified. For other laser Professionals a revision of the regulation and rules about the use of laser is recommended.

Fungal nail infection (Onychomycosis) is common in the general adult population, probably 5-25% rate with an increase incidence in elderly population. Its estimate that almost 48% of the population may be affected by age 70 years old. Nail fungus affects almost 30 million Americans, and approximately one-third of people with diabetes develop nail fungus. The use of laser for treating nail fungus is well accepted by the clients because great results have been obtained

Why is this procedure useful?

Laser light is absorbed into the target area and heat generated by that energy is sufficient to damage the fungal cell structure while expanding the heat to the surrounding tissue. The benefits using lasers with longer wavelength is that they have greater tissue penetration than antifungal medication and thus may be more effective at treating infection embedded within the nail.

Course Content:

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