Florida Medical College in Miami is offering a continuing education seminar for electrologist. This two-day continuing education workshop will give an overview of how lasers, pulsed light (IPL) work, including the physics of lasers & IPL’s. Presentation on the most commonly used lasers and devices and their parameters for permanent hair reduction. An overview of the anatomy & physiology of skin and hair. The comprehensive didactic will include Laser/IPL skin interaction, skin typing, and safety measures. Overview of the Cosmetic Laser Marketplace including trends, market size, and potential revenue streams and technologies available. Efficacy of various laser wavelength, and newer technologies in treating specific hair and skin types, in addition the use of a modern cooling system combined with the advances in-motion technology. Moreover, as a complication can occur after laser treatment and it can be reduced through an understanding of the fundamental of lasers and laser interaction among others, the participants will discuss their experience in diagnostic and manage of the complications to prevent and identify the future complications.


  1. To review the skin anatomy, laser physics, laser tissue interaction and the use of appropriate laser parameters.
  2. Understanding the newer technologies and appropriate device for specific hair and skin type in Laser Hair Removal.
  3. To determine treatment setting and protocols appropriate for LHR for people with darker skin tone.
  4. To discuss the complications after hair removal treatment using laser and IPL technologies.

Course Description: