Student are expected to arrive to class on-time and prepared to learn.  As tardiness causes the student to miss valuable instruction, and disrupts the class, any student who is tardy to class three (3) times will be counseled by the instructor.  Any further tardiness will result in the student being required to make up hours and work missed at a scheduled time  agreed upon by the instructor




Students have the option to officially withdraw from the school at any time by giving written notification to the school office. Unofficial withdrawal can take place at such time as the student fails to attend classes and has made no contact with the school administration. Upon withdrawal, official or unofficial,  the school’s refund policy will apply and arrangements must be made to pay any balance due to the school. Students will not be permitted to re-enroll in the school with an outstanding balance. Any monies due to the student at the time of withdrawal, official or unofficial,  will be refunded to the student within 30 of the withdrawal determination.




Students who withdraw from school may apply for readmission. Students must complete a new enrollment contract and will be charged current tuition and fees at the time of readmission. Students dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons must meet with the school director and put in writing why they feel they should be readmitted. Any student with a past due balance will not be readmitted to the school.




Students who need to take a leave of absence from the school must submit, in writing, a signed request for leave. Students on a leave of absence are not considered to be withdrawn from school. Students can only be granted one leave of absence per 12-month period, and the leave cannot exceed 60 days. Any student who does not return from their leave of absence on the scheduled date will be withdrawn from school.A student on an approved leave of absence who has notified the school that he/she will not be returning will be withdrawn from the program.  The determined date of withdrawal will be the earlier of the date of expiration of the leave of absence or the date the student  notifies the school that he/she will not be returning.  The withdrawal date for a student who does not notify the school that he/she is not returning will be the  date of expiration of the approved leave of absence.

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