Director:  Dr. Miguel Casanueva.

Course Coordinator: Diana Beleno  

Dr. Damaris Casanueva.

Founder, President of Corporation.

She is President of DC Health Management, Inc. Ms. Casanueva has more than 12 years of experience in the management of administrative health service and billing programs in United States. As a social worked graduated in Cuba, she is a pretty good in the human and public relations area. Dr. Casanueva is an International Medical Graduate and has a physician degree in Cuba and Venezuela. She has an active license in Florida as a Certified Chiropractor Physician Assistant and Facial Specialist. Also she has a Medical Assistant Certification and as electrologist graduated she is a Certified Clinical Electrologist.

Dr. Miguel J Casanueva

Founder, Vice-President of Corporation. College/ Director

Miguel Casanueva is a Chief Executive Officer of Florida Medical College and Chief of technical of the laser campus of Florida Medical College called “Laser Training Center”. Dr. Casanueva has over thirty years of work experiencie in the management of medical programs, researching and teaching in the medical field. He was successful in founding the start-up of Medical and Aesthetic Institute ‘Dr. Carlos J. Finlay”, and developed Universal Laser Center as clinical a practice area. Dr Casanueva graduated as a physician in 1977 in Cuba and has an active license in Florida as Certified Chiropractic Physician Assistant, Electrolysis and Facial Specialist. Dr. Casanueva is also a Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional and Certified Aesthetic Consultant. He is an active member of The American Society and Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), and The Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal among others associations.

Mr.Henry Babani.

Co-Founder, Consulting.

Mr. Babani has 12 years of experience in the administrative management of vocational schools. He was owner of the school developing different school programs as massage therapy, electrolysis, skin care, laser tech and others. Mr. Babani has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting with more than 20 years of experience in this field. He played an important roll as a leader in the conduction of business of Medical and Aesthetic Institute ‘Dr. Carlos J. Finlay’ and to turn this vocational school into a College. Mr. Babani is part of the teaching staff approved by Florida Medical College in the Math course for Associate Degree programs. Recently, he has worked as a senior consultant for licensing and starting other vocational school programs with good results. Mr. Babani has a wealth of knowledge regarding business accounting with concentration in Acounting Analysis.

Diploma Faculty Members

Miguel Casanueva, CLHRP, CCPA

Electrolysis & Laser Instructor

Lic. EO1193, Hollywood Institute

FCCM Villa Clara, Cuba.

Ignacio Garcia, CCE, CME

Electrolysis & Laser Instructor

Lic. EO 2202, Medical and Aesthetic Institute

Miami, Florida

Ana Saenz , Facial Specialist

Facial Specialist Instructor

Hollywood Institute

License No FS867021