Florida Medical College is offering every two weeks a body wrapping course in Miami. To Become a Body Wrapping practitioner participant has to complete a two days course consisting in lecture and practice training at Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School. This course is aimed to provide those who want to learn the proper procedures for Body Wrapping of human body with herbal and mineral wraps. Body wrapping is a non-invasive esthetic procedure to dextoxify the body skin and may use presoaked herbal wraps for the purposes of cleansing and beautifying the skin of the body. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age or have high school diploma.

Course: every two weeks  on Friday and Saturday. Enrollment is required one week before.

Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity to be certified in a popular procedure, knowledge to enhance your career and a tremendous tool to accelerate your productivity at work. Participants for another State or country are welcome. Cosmetologist, Skin Care or Facial Specialist may apply for this course. If you want to become a medical esthetician, body treatment specialist or Medical Assistant Esthetician this is the first step.

Body Wrapping teaches an ancient technique up-dated in all the concepts of body sculpting and accelerated way to lose inches, popular in most countries for being a beauty procedure after socials events. This course includes education in HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases, sanitation and sterilization, disorder and diseases of the skin, and studies regarding laws affecting body wrapping. In addition this course focusing to conduct successful treatments teaching step by step this technique, its different variants, complications and much more.