This certification allows the medical assistant to obtain a license as a Basic X-ray Machine Operator after completing the certification course and pass all examination requirements. Medical assistants who work in orthopedic clinics, or those centers dedicated to treating people with injuries due to some type of accident requires a radiographic evaluation of the physicians, orthopedist or chiropractors to define the severity of the injuries. These X-ray test allow to identify the existence of fractures and in the case of chiropractors facilitates the application of the alignment techniques. This is a course where the participant prepares to operate X-ray equipment and to obtain satisfactory results in the state examination to achieve the license of Basic Operator in X-Ray in the State of Florida.

The basic operator of an X-ray machine can perform limited general diagnostic radiological procedures under the direct supervision and control of a licensed professional to provide patient care.

Professionals with the knowledge and experience in operating x-ray equipment from other countries and without a license in the State of Florida can take this course if they wish to obtain this type of license in Florida. The Medical Chiropractor Assistants (Certified Chiropractor Physician Assistant – CCPA) who do not have this certification can choose this course which will allow you to perform a greater number of services in clinics or consultations where they work