This is 60 hours course and prepares participants to become an expert in the aesthetic body treatment, learning the latest non-invasive body contouring techniques and dealing with different procedures and protocols to improve the appearance of cellulite and help the client to reduce stubborn fat. Cellulite control and reshaping is a great demand at the Medical Spa, Medical Center and other Aesthetic practice by people looking for an effective body treatment that may be performed by a specialized professional and help them change the undesirable body-shape and can reduce or struggling to get rid of the cellulite.

This course integrate the advance of technology in the aesthetic body treatment field, in one career with the knowledge in nutrition, procedures and maneuvers of aesthetic massage, with those factors related with the causes that affect the shape of the body and the texture and appearance of the skin.

Course Content:

Devices and Techniques


  1. Florida residents require active licenses in  massage therapy and Facial Specialist.
  2. Participants from the other States or countries require previous knowledge in massage therapy or experience in the aesthetic field. This applicants should review the regulation about the practice of massage and esthetic in their respective area.
  3. Participants should pass the final examination (written and practice) at the end of the course to receive the Diploma of completion, and those related with Body Wrapping in order to apply for the license registration process.

To apply any body massage technique in Florida practitioner must be licensed in massage therapy. This course offers the massage therapy associate degree program through a combine program, in order participants can obtain this type of license in Florida. The combined Program includes Massage Therapy Associate Degree Course, Body wrapper license registration,  and the specialization in aesthetic body treatment developing the skills and knowledges in this area.

If you need to become a licensed massage therapist please click the following link for the course description of Massage Therapy Program