Associate Degree Programs

1. The applicant must be eighteen (18) years old or older.
2. Students must have a High School Diploma or a General Education Equivalent Diploma (GED).
3. All applicants must receive an orientation about the school’s requirements, rules and regulations.
4. Student catalogs are available to all students.
5. All accepted students must complete an Enrollment Agreement and sign it.
6. Prospective students, who were denied admission and would like to view their file, may submit a written request. Access to view the file will be granted within 24 hours of request.
I. Massage Therapy Program, MST. (90.5 Credit Hours/1300 Clock Hours)
Provide the student with the knowledge and skills required to qualify for employment as an entry level massage therapist. Provide the student with knowledge of the structure and function of the human body, understanding of the use and facts for the most current allied modalities. Provide the student with the knowledge and techniques to help in specific problems such as neck, back, sciatic pain, relaxation, stress reduction and muscle spasms. Provide the student the opportunity to observe, assist, learn and perform massage services with emphasis on the transition from student to professional. Prepare students for the State of Florida State Board/National Certification Examination for licensure as a Licensed Massage Therapist.
II. Medical Assistant Program, MED. (91 Credit Hours/1340 Clock Hours)
This program is designed to prepare students to work as Medical Assistants. The student will be able to work at a Doctors Office, Clinic or Hospital. The student will be able to assist the Doctor in office medical procedures, schedule patient appointment and bill patients. Medical Assistants are multi-skilled professionals who assist a doctor and students will learn to perform duties under the direction of a doctor in all area of the private office medical practice. Students learn clinical skills, ranging from vital signs, passing medication, perform phlebotomy and EKG. The student will learn how to function on an administrator capacity in the doctor’s office. The student will learn office skills like billing, basic accounting, filing, computer and Insurance forms.
III. Pharmacy Management, PHT. (101 Credit Hours/1320 Clock Hours)
This program will prepare its graduate to work as pharmacy technician in a pharmacy setting, in a hospital, clinical or retail pharmacy. This program teaches students the following: planning, management, finance, technical and production skills labor issues, community issue and health, safety, environmental issues, medical terminology, medicinal drugs, pharmaceutical compounding, sterile techniques, maintenance of inventory, IV preparation, laws and rules that govern the Pharmacy Technician Career, data processing, delivering medication, printing labels, prepackaging unit dose, pricing prescription drugs and checking supplies.